#Knowledge ark I always find it remarkably interesting how reliant our society has become on certain key technologies and the improvements coming alongside those.
However taking a closer look at it there are only a very limited amount of people that rly understand the technology we use today or would be able to fix those.
Even amongst the people that work with those technologies very closely day to day seems to be a very limited understanding of the underlying technology.
And even amongst those people fixing the equipments is most of the time a very basic understand of the technology involved.
This gives rise to the question how would our society be able to handle the loss of key people and the knowledge they posses.
As you can imagine we rly wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of event rly well.
So what to do about this issue?
One of the main ideas would be the one of a knowledge ark.
The idea is that the most critical information of our society would get stored there so that future generations would be able to access it.
Of course depending on the way in which you would store the information the future generation would have to poses at least the knowledge on how to access the information contained in the ark.
And this is probably in case of a rly doomsday event possibly one of the main problems.
From my perspective any kind of knowledge ark would have to be able to preserve itself and also it would need to be able to be rly easy to access the information.
If we would come to the point were we would be able to create an AI.
This problem would be solved pretty strait forward.
Since if we would contain the AI in the knowledge ark the AI would be make the information for future generations rly easily accessible.

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