#[Opinion]Drones in Science/ Fly and bring me Data A fairly recent nature article covered UAVs
Unmanned arrieal vehicels and their possible contribution for the scientific community. I don’t go here over the whole articel but rather focus on one aspect that was kind interesting to me in regards to my owen resaerch. When people used to create their robots to assist in their research they typically used a lot of different sensors.
This resulted in a very high cost since you have to buy every single sensor individually.
As you can imagine this would make research projects quite expensive.

With UAV’s the additional problem is that you are limited by fuel and since you fly you rly have to make sure that you don’t design something that ins potentiolly to hefavyto actually fly. Therefore some started to use mostly cameras as the main sensor apart from gps. And then they are able to run different image recognition algorithems . This to me seemse like the way to go.

For my owen research i will most likely use the kinect as the eyes for my machine. Those will give me the option to get some. 3D orientation in asdition to the images themself. Ok mounting the kinect on an uav is not rly my intetion since the robot i will be using will most likely be thea suro so its on the ground . And since i don’t have a background in electrical engineering this seemse like the most pratical .

Go here for the full article from nature
Drones in science: Fly, and bring me data [30.08.2013]