#Two on One ##How to host Two Websites on One Server.

####My Setup Apache 2 on an Ubuntu Server hosted on http://www.digitalocean.com. Domains Registrar http://www.united-domains.de

####My Solution I was trying to set up multiple websites on one server. The keyword here is virtual host for apache. There are a lot of different ways in which you can make this happen. I decided that i would redirect the traffic to the appropriate website based on what people put into their url bars in their browsers. The two urls i was working with were http://www.anzumana.com and http://www.theprojectcast.com. To make the magic happen i had to create a cname record with my domain registrar. For me this was united domains. In that cname record i put the static ip address of my webserver. If i don’t do this and use the default redirect that united domains offers the server is not able to differentiate between the traffic for http://www.anzumana.com and http://www.theprojectcast.com On my server i had to create a virtual host This digial ocean tutorial should help you to do so.



To check how your sites are enabled check this folder


helpful Commands

sudo apache2ctl -S // shows currently enabled sites
sudo a2ensite mywebsite_config_file_name
sudo a2dissite mywebsite_config_file_name
sudo service apache2 restart // restart or reload for changes to be applied !

The following links helped me a lot: digial ocean tutorial stackexchange post apache doc example